Find, Evaluate, Track, Integrate!

How can we stop mass shootings in schools?

10 ways to put brakes on mass shootings in schools (Saidi, 2012) CNN News Through google search 47. There is a lot of good information from this news article. Although it is a little out dated, the issue I am talking about has been a problem for years. All of the information talked about is still relevant and also shows that we have not taken the proper steps.

Preventing School Shootings (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 2018) Website Google Search 44. This resource is not a lengthy as the other sources, but it does give some different perspectives on the topic. I will be able to pull information on the education of children with disorders.

How to Prevent Mass Shootings at School (Simpson, 2013) Website Twitter 42. This gives yet another prospective on how to survive. That is not really what I’m trying to find out, but in a way it does. My main focus is to find out how to prevent mass killings at school. This site talks some about stopping the attacker.

The author of this article brings up a lot of good points and talks to different people to try and figure this thing out. I found that a list of the top ten ways would be a good start to see if people are thinking the same things I am. The following quote states something that I would think is obvious to solving the problem. “Let’s get some metal detectors or something, and require every person to go through the security checks, even if the staff knows them. Especially since, as this case proves, many people who commit these crimes are not just random strangers.” (Saidi, 2012) I agree with the person that mad this statement to the author. It is kind of sad know that we need this provision, but it think it would be a great way to keep our schools safe and prevent mass shootings. This is going to bring me to searching to see how many schools actually have metal detectors and if there is any data showing that they have helped.


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One thought on “Find, Evaluate, Track, Integrate!

  1. Very interesting topic I am curious to see where your research leads you. I would consider finding a few more newer sources in addition to the one from 2018. I would also decide if you want to research or find studies on how gun control laws affect public shooting rates in states where they have such laws.


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